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Upcoming soon...  


- 4 seasons (Indoor in Berlin)

- Colour explotion (Indoor in Berlin)

- Sensual (Outdoor in Berlin)

- verschiedene Kooperationsprojekte mit anderen Models (w/m)

- My Little Big-eyed Friend (outdoor in Nordrhein-Westfalen)




- Sensual (Indoor in Berlin)

- Shadowplay (outdoor in Berlin)

- A Fantasy in Red (outdoor in Nordrhein-Westfalen)

- Herbstleyd's gruselige Weihnachten 2016

- Red Nose and Green Friend (Studioshooting in Berlin)

- Mad Max Part III (outdoor in Sachsen-Anhalt)

Snowwhite meets her Prince (outdoor in Brandenburg)

- Sensible feathers (outdoor in Berlin)

- My Little Big-eyed Friend (outdoor in Brandenburg)

- Sensual Portrait (indoor in Berlin)

- Mad Max Part II (outdoor in Brandenburg)


A lot of new projects are in the making - stay tuned ;)


Concept art: For a lot of photoshootings, I create the concepts (incl. outfits/accessoires, location-scouting etc.) - if you are interested in a collaboration and shooting one of mc concepts with me: just send me a message! 


To all the photographers/Make-Up-Artists out there:


I have a folder of some theme-shooting-ideas (mainly fantasy/horror). If you want to try out those things or want to work together with me within those domains: please just contact me :-)

To see my newest works: click on the button "new work" above or use the button on the page Galerie :-)